Weight Loss After Pregnancy – Weight Loss Success Story

Samira previously weighed 96 kilos and then 70 kilos
Samira (25) from Gummersbach has decreased after the pregnancy: Before she weighed 96 kilograms, after 70 kilos © private; Maria M. Litwa
Dress size 46 and constantly aching knees: After the birth of her daughter, our reader Samira unmasked her bad habits. With tough discipline and full body workout she took 26 kilos in just 8 months
After pregnancy, 3 Ks determined the life of Samira Werner: child, kilos and knee problems. “I felt awful and always had the feeling that people were chasing after me,” recalls the 25-year-old. Not only her but also her knees were severely overweight because of her arthrosis. She had already had 5 surgeries but the pain remained. So the young mother killed her life and got fit again.

Samira previously weighed 96 kilos and then 70 kilos

Point 1: discover weaknesses Samira quickly realized where her curves came from. “I ate too much and completely wrong. At each meal, large amounts of carbs were on my plate: bread, rice, pasta. In addition, I also ate in between. “Through the permanent feeding, Samiras drove blood sugar levels roller coaster, and her body stored the excess calories as a love handles.
Point 2: celebrating strengthsFrom now on, Samira renounced all carbohydrates. In the morning she ate scrambled eggs with low-fat bacon, at lunch meat with vegetables and in the evening salad with tuna and eggs. “On the one hand, I was proud of my consistency, but I also quickly felt that I was better off without bread and noodles. I was not so tired anymore, I felt more comfortable and motivated. I wanted to preserve this feeling. ”
Point 3: Show hardness Samira used the energy boost to log in to Curves. There it is trained in rotation on hydraulic equipment. The faster, the stronger the resistance. “I was fired up and trained 30 to 40 minutes a day.” In addition, she put a Tracy Anderson DVD in the recorder in the morning and did specific workouts for tight arms and legs. “If I did not feel like it, I said to myself, ‘Nothing comes from nothing! And if I sit here, it will not get better. ‘”Instead of putting her feet up, she preferred to put her daughter in the stroller and push her for 2 hours a day.
Point 4: act mildly Only on Sundays Samira relaxed her hard-hitting weight loss program. Then she also ate noodles or an ice cream. “Honestly, I have to say that I never got carried away to gluttony. For that, my diet was too precious and too hard for me. “Well understandable, because every month Samira lost between 3 and 4 kilograms of body weight.
Point 5: Staying on guard After 8 months, the young woman bought her first pair of jeans in size 38. “But more important was that I had no more pain in my knees! I was able to run after my daughter, romp with her on the floor – all without any problems. “So that she continues to be so fit and fit, Samira pays attention to her diet until today. “I have to be careful, otherwise it will fix a few kilos.”

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