Weight Halved, Luck Doubled – Weight Loss Story

Nadja lost 77 Pounds

Nadja (36, 1,70m) shredded from 140 to 63 kilos © private; Maria M. Litwal / Laif
Nadja always had everything under control, only her weight was not. Until she became a mother and a sad picture emerged in her mind’s eye: a little boy being teased about his fat mom when he was enrolled
So she decided to become an eagle owl. No, not a bird, but a sub-hundred-pound woman. And really: After Nadja had found the perfect concept for their diet, flipped the kilos of it – a total of 77 kilos in 3 years.
Is she or not? Nadja has long since become accustomed to the questioning looks, for there are many who no longer recognize her today. No wonder: “I used to wear dress size 56, now 36,” she says proudly. The success came thanks to these 5 rules:

Nadja lost 77 pounds

Rule 1: Take Fears Seriously

“At a height of 1.70 meters, I finally weighed 140 kilos. A normal weight of 70 kilos seemed unattainable to me, “remembers Nadja. Although she was happily married and proud mother of a son. “But I was also worried that my husband might fall in love with a slimmer woman and maybe my son could be teased for my weight.”

Rule 2: Formulate Wishes

First, Nadja considered how her weight loss project should look like. “One thing was certain: I did not want to go hungry or eat one-sidedly.” Instead of currywurst and pizza, Nadja now ate a lot of fruit, vegetables, lean meat and whole grains. Coke and cocoa gave way to water. Disciplined, she scored points on the Weight Watchers concept.

Rule 3: Keep Calm

She realized that quick successes will not benefit her in the long term. “I knew that there was a long way to go. But I said to myself, ‘The slow is still faster than the one that did not go off.’ “Whenever the scales showed 10 kilos less, she rewarded herself with a massage or a gourmet breakfast. So she never lost the motivation and reached her goal, the 100-kilo mark to crack, after only one year.

Rule # 4: Approaching the Project

When the scale read 80 kilograms, Nadja registered in the gym, which she had not dared to do before. From then on she trained strength and endurance 2 to 3 times a week for a total of 2.5 hours each. It was hard, but successful: After 36 months Nadja fit in clothes size 36 …

Rule 5: Flexibly React

Meanwhile, not only her figure has changed, but also her weight loss project: “Of course, today it is no longer about losing weight, but keeping it.” She no longer scores points and also allows herself sins. “Besides, I do not go to the gym any more, I walk at least 40 minutes every day. That suits me and my everyday life better. “And what do husband and son say about their incredible change? “They are very proud of me.” We think: rightly!

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