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Nutrition Tips For a Flat Stomach

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Less winter bacon and more power: our nutritional rules for a sexy tight body. Only those who stick to it will be successful in the end

How To Create An Individual Nutrition Plan

Every woman is different. But they all have one thing in common: they are involved in Project Sexy Bauch: They want a slim, sexy body and a tight body center. And best of all without starving, scoring points & Co. No problem, because thanks to the perfect combination of nutritional and training plan, you will achieve optimal results within 8 weeks – promised! But you can train as hard as you want: as long as you do not adapt the diet to your new needs, the hoped-for and, above all, long-term success will be missed. But do not worry: with our 4-week nutrition plan, we make it easy for you to shake off excess pounds and hit the home straight in the direction of “sexy belly”. And best of all, you can tailor our example plan to your individual needs.
How to create an optimal nutrition plan

THE Calorial Balance Must Vote

We women have not only different preferences in terms of nutrition, but also – and this is very important – a different basic and performance. Never heard? Then it’s high time, because who does not know his performance, it will have a hard time losing weight (and also on the increase). Because in the end, the calorie balance is always crucial: Who takes more calories than he burns, increases. Whoever burns more calories than he absorbs, loses – actually quite easy, right? But how many calories do you actually eat and how many do you burn daily? Do not worry, it all sounds more complicated than it is, we’ll explain all the most important basics:

Basic And Perforrmance Sales

Your individual calorie consumption depends, as already mentioned, on your basic and performance turnover. The basal metabolic rate indicates how many calories your body consumes in complete rest to maintain vital body functions, such as during sleep. The basal metabolic rate varies with each individual and is determined by age, sex, height, and weight. For example, muscles also ensure that the basal metabolic rate rises. But since we do not sleep all day or lie comatose on the couch, the basal metabolic rate alone is not really meaningful. A second value is needed, one that also includes sports and other activities (job) – the turnover. About so-called PAL factors (PAL stands for “Physical Activity Level”), the power output can be calculated individually. Basic and power sales together make up the total requirement. However, since the formula for calculating calorie consumption is quite complicated, and we do not want to put anyone in mathematical distress, you can just do ours Online calorie calculator ( currently not mobile available, but only via desktop Sorry, we are working on it )

use. He Spits Out The (Correct) Result In a Few Seconds.

For example: You are female, 25 years old and weigh about 75 kilos with a height of 1.70 m. They do a lot of sports (thanks to the challenge) and have an office job where they sit a lot and have little exercise. A click on our calorie calculator reveals: Our example person has a calorie requirement of 2059 kcal per day with a basal metabolic rate of 1564 kcal.
And what does that mean? If you want to lose weight, you should reduce your total calorie needs – we have already learned that. But how much should it be reduced? One thing is clear: the larger the calorie deficit, the more you lose weight. But you must be careful to eat enough calories to meet your basic needs. Our example person has to eat around 1500 to 1600 kcal every day. If you eat much less in the long term, it will mess up the entire metabolism and the yo-yo effect is already programmed as soon as you eat “normal” again after this starvation phase. That’s why crash diets, where you usually take too few calories, no long-term succes.

Generally, You Should Not Lower Your Total Calorie Requirement By More Than 500 Kcal a Day – Better: 200 To 300 Kcal.

So you take a bit slower overall, but in a completely healthy frame. A weight loss of 0.5 to 1 kilo per week is normal. The optimal calorie requirement for weight loss is approximately in the middle of your basal metabolic rate and your total calorie requirement, in this case about 1800 kcal (negative energy balance). Who wants to keep his weight later, eats as much as the total calorie needs it says. And who wants to increase, for example, to build mass, ie muscle, must create a “positive energy balance” means to supply more calories than to be burned. On days of rest (no training) you can reduce the calorie intake by another 100-200 kcal. It is best to leave the snacks away.
Calculate HEREYour very individual calorie needs for weight loss, by determining the middle between basal metabolism and total balance. Only if you know your calorie needs, you can optimally adapt our nutrition plan to your needs – with the help of variable snacks.

Snack You Slim

With the 3 main meals in our diet plan, you will get a daily calorie count of approximately 1500 calories. The exact value can be found in the top right-hand corner next to the day of the week. From a series of snacks in the snack tableYou can choose your favorite snack (s) daily. First, take a look at how many calories you ingest each day with the 3 main meals and how much “air” you still have left in order not to overstrain your calorie balance. Example: Your calorie balance is 1700 calories, with the 3 main meals you take up 1450 kcal – still 250 kcal you can “snuff” allowed. Of course you can also combine it wildly: In the morning, for example, there could be a banana with 1 teaspoon of almond flour and in the afternoon a boiled egg. Limit yourself to 2 snacks a day.
After 4 weeks you can either repeat the plan from scratch, or you can put together your own plan for the remaining weeks with your new nutritional knowledge.

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