Do You Suffer From White Spots On The Skin?

We girls are known for being super coquettish, we like to wear fashionable clothes, show off how good we look and look beautiful and healthy. Then, when we are attacked by a problem that affects our aesthetics, we get bad and we want to eliminate it immediately. Can you imagine having white spots on the skin ? What a deal!

If You Suffer From These Types Of Spots

, or have ever had them, you should know what I am referring to, especially if you are a young girl. However, this situation affects us all equally regardless of how old we are, but then what really causes them?Here we tell you a little about this quite common reality that afflicts us and we help you to try to avoid them.

Tinea Versicolor, The True Name Of White Spots On The Skin

Every ailment has a name, and tinea versicolor is the type of spots on the skin . It is a fairly frequent injury, however, fortunately it is not serious, although of course they are not ideal. It usually manifests in the areas of the neck, back, face, arms, legs and chest.

It is common that they appear especially when summer arrives, because the heat and humidity, makes us sweat more than normal and small hormonal changes that originate them are triggered.

How To Treat Them?

Above all, it could be said that it is a type of fungus and it is necessary to apply a corresponding treatment, such as a cream containing miconazole to treat the infection. The aloe vera can also relieve a lot, give a massage in that area and then take a shower with plenty of fresh water will be beneficial.

Spots On The Skin From Hypopigmentation

As dark spots are produced by an overproduction of melanin, white spots sometimes appear due to lack of this substance. In this case, the absence of melanin can be more difficult to treat than excess, and many people think that exposing themselves to the sun will disappear, achieving the opposite effect.If you already know that your white patches on the skin are not caused by vitiligo or fungi, the doctor must prescribe creams that contain steroids. These creams work as powerful activating agents in the production of melanocytes, which are the cells that create melanin. Usually, the treatment lasts from 3 to 6 months, depending on whether the case is moderate or severe.

Other Possible Causes

The Vitiligo is another disease that causes these injuries, however, they no itching, pain or swelling and all, the most common because it affects everyone regardless of age or weather conditions where they are.Also, hypomelanosis causes the spots to flake and become dry to the touch and usually occurs in older adults, and although the marks are small, environmental factors such as sun and pollution intensify them markedly. The rosea , also is another disease related to lack of pigmentation in the skin, and is common in adolescents, affecting mainly the facial area.

Laser Therapy For White Spots On The Skin

The latest advances in science, point to laser therapies as the most indicated to solve this problem. The Association of Dermatologists of the USA, through its scientific bulletins, affirms that the eczemas can be controlled and eradicated by means of these procedures, although in people of dark complexions, ironically they can bring at the beginning the appearance of more spots, as an immediate consequence .Combat your spots with good nutrition
In case you did not know, malnutrition is another cause of white spots on the skin , so the first thing you should ask yourself is: Am I feeding well? If not, start taking vitamins and nutritional supplements that provide the necessary nutrients, such as calcium, vitamins D and E, and most importantly, a balanced diet!

Although usually these spots are common in children and adults, women do not escape them. Daily stress, occupations and other responsibilities sometimes make us take our meals lightly and unleash this type of problem.

Final Recommendations

Finally, before any related symptoms you should go immediately to the dermatologist, he is the one who can guide you to help you to determine with certainty the true origin of the problem of the spots. If it is not the result of a particular problem, you can try to reduce these spots with some natural products.

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