Discover How Many Types Of Red Spots On The Skin Exist, And Eliminate Them!

The skin is the most delicate organ of the human body. I know you will be thinking: is it an organ? you are right! The epidermis is a set of integrated tissues that perform a function in the same way that the heart, kidneys or lungs do. Being made up of several layers, and constantly being at various climatic factors, the skin deteriorates easily and tends to react in different ways when the normal internal (of our body) or external (of the environment) conditions change. And one of those results are red spots on the skin.

Thus, The Spots On The Skin

, are one of those alterations, which for us are usually somewhat unpleasant, because they can look unsightly especially if they are located in visible areas such as the face or hands.

Within this set of processes, these reddish macules are one of the most common. Like other injuries, they are caused by certain factors that can be confusing. Determining exactly what causes them is not an easy task; and is that usually they are usually confused with allergies.

For some of us, they are a cause for great concern. But, calm, it is rare that they are due to skin cancer or leukemia, so if you have them, do not be alarmed.

Are All The Red Spots On The Skin The Same?

Definitely not. Each one of us will present different types, that is why at the dermatological level we can divide them into three types:

Eritemas . This reddening of the skin is due to the accumulation of cells of the immune system, related to prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays or X-rays. This causes the cells to die and agglomerate in the superficial layer of the skin causing the stain. They sometimes cause itching and irritation.
Rosacea These injuries are usually common in areas such as nose, forehead, cheeks and chin. It occurs regularly in people with very clear skin tones, who reside in temperate or cold climates. It is a very delicate type of skin. Those who develop Rosaceae have sets of reddish capillary cups that form the stain itself.

Papules They Are Bulky, Reddish And With A Whitish Center.

In some occasions they can generate itching. Sometimes they can be caused by insect bites. Otherwise they occur in people with a history of allergies, with asthma or rhinitis.
When the red spots on the skin have a whitish liquid inside, they are called vesicles. In general, they are scattered and have to do with illnesses because they produce fever and pain.
Eliminates red spots on the skin … Hands on!
After identifying what type of injury we have and its possible cause, we can proceed to determine which treatment will be most effective in eliminating them. Usually, some red spots on the skin , disappear by themselves with the passage of time, especially if they have to do with diseases and allergic or viral processes. However, all those who do not can already be classified as contact dermatitis.

If Your Spots Persist, What Should You Do Then?

First, if you get itchy , you should wash the affected area with vinegar or lemon and then with a neutral Ph soap and plenty of fresh water. The itching is related to infection and the acidic agents of lemon and vinegar will help you minimize this symptom a bit.
If your spots look extremely irritated and red , it is because they are very inflamed, either because the itching caused you to hurt yourself or because the dermatitis itself is a bit advanced. Lotions containing calamine, oatmeal and aloe vera, will greatly help to calm this situation. Also, cold compresses of cold water in the area, three times a day will calm you immediately.
Creams that contain corticosteroids are also useful in the case of these discomforts, however, you should always consult a dermatologist first.

Food: Another Point To Consider

Although you do not believe it, we are what we eat, and for more natural remedies, dermatological treatments, creams and miraculous solutions that tell you, you must solve the problems at the root. Already food is a key point to consider if you want to eliminate the red spots on the skin .

Before any condition that may occur in our epidermis, consume a good dose of green vegetables and fruits with high content of vitamins C, B and E, are the basis of good health and therefore a radiant and fresh skin.

Also, avoid as much as possible eating canned foods, sausages or foods with high levels of chemicals that are used in its preservation, because all these factors also trigger allergic processes that manifest as red spots on the skin .

Finally, do not hesitate to see a specialist if the process persists.

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