Acai Berry Weight Loss Information

Since acai berries like many other types of berries are preserved only 24 to 36 hours after harvest and are cultivated in the tropics, they are in their

The Acai berry

The Acai berry – one can get online as capsules
Original raw state rarely available in our latitudes. The transport would be too long, and the fruit would spoil quickly.

Extremely rare to find it in raw form in grocery stores, but this is the exception. On the market different products based on acai berries are offered, which are directly processed fresh after harvesting.

The extracts of the berries

are processed in a variety of cosmetic products such as creams or shampoos and serve as an ingredient of energy drinks and teas. The concentration of acai berries in such products usually falls out extremely low, as they represent only part of a combination with other additives.

The most important quality criteria of all products on acai base

To take advantage of the versatile health-promoting agents of the berries, it is advisable to buy acai as a pure food. It is important when buying, always pay attention to the quality of products.

The concentration of acai berries should be definitely at least 90 percent, more preferably at 95 percent. Especially as a tool for efficient weight reduction should pure Acai be selected. In the production of juices or purée the addition of water is unavoidable to some degree, whereby the content of the pulp decreased slightly. As a dietary supplement, however, juice or Mark of acai berries is ideal.

Choose a product that guarantees a possible timely and gentle processing immediately after harvest and the precious ingredients of fruits largely preserves. In most product descriptions are accurate

With Acai can be removed more quickly and healthy

Given information about the type of food it is. Need raw food quality or are you not sure whether the chosen preparation is also suitable for the vegan diet, consulting a precaution the seller.

In recent years, the global demand for acai products and their marketing have risen sharply, making cultivation and cultivation of the plants have been intensified. Look for the organic seal of approval of the product, because the only way it can be guaranteed that no harmful pesticides, fertilizers or genetic engineering have been used. Of course, organic quality has its price, so take cheap deals before buying a close look. If in doubt, get information about the quality of a product, the internet search of experiences of other buyers.

Tablets, capsules or powders based on Acai

Such preparations are particularly suitable for people who do not like the taste of berries, or they do not want to consume in combination with other foods. Capsules and tablets have the advantage that the

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Acai extracts supplied at all times and in always constant dose can be easily taken and in the work or on vacation. Their minimum size tablets acai basis are much more pleasant to swallow than capsules.

Acai powder, however, can be combined in individual portions with other foods. It is very suitable as an ingredient for smoothies, granola and yogurt mixtures. Alternatively, you can dissolve the powder into drinks or allow it to dissolve on the tongue.
It is always to be careful to choose a product that contains no unnecessary additives. However, some ingredients need not be used, since they are indispensable in the process of processing. In any case, a high concentration of fruit is the most important selection criterion.

Acai as a juice, puree or pulp

The fruit pulp of acai berries is often sold under different names, which are basically the same product. Acai juice is also made based purées as Mark or pulp, but with higher

With Acai powder can make delicious acai smoothies – order now
With Acai powder can make delicious acai smoothies – order now
Adding water. Products that contain very little water are of pulpy consistency. Whether you now for juice, pulp or Mark decide a certain percentage of water will contain the product, since the processing of berries makes this necessary and pure fruit pulp can not be prepared.

A big advantage of juices, Mark and pulp on acai base is the fact that this is in contrast to tablets, powders or capsules to largely natural products without undesirable additives is where the unique taste of berries comes into its own. Although this is very popular, some people need some time to get used to it. Those who can not get used to the taste, has the possibility of combining the pulp with other fruits or foods to mask the characteristic taste.

Acai juice or acai Mark can be used in countless recipes, the imagination knows no bounds. In juices and fruit puree the berries are included in their original form, and should be purchased organic quality always.

Freeze-dried Acai products

The global demand and marketing new ways are being developed to process the berries gently. Products based on freeze-dried Acai is a sensible alternative to preserve the flavor and valuable nutrients.

Freeze-dried Acai is available either as a powder or as frozen pulp and can be used as capsule, be purchased by the glass or in tablet form.

Where to buy acai berries?

While products already stocked on acai based in the United States well in any

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Supermarket offered, you have this country go to the pharmacy to buy Acai in the form of juice or fruit puree. In drugstores often combinations of acai pulp offered with other fruits.

However, the concentration of Acai is usually so low that such products are weighed against the benefits far too expensive.

The full range of products can be easily and aufwandlos ordered over the internet. All preparations are available in many trusted providers of organic quality. However, they refrain from importing Acai on the Internet, because in many cases, the products are classified and destroyed by Customs as drugs.

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