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A reporter of the “Women’s Diet’s Magazine is testing the diet pill Acai Berry along with the Colon Cleanser Detox Max. Within a month, she then loses fabled 14 kilograms weight. Health review shows that behind this apparent sensation gigantic fraud machinery infected.

Acai Berry is very present on social media
Current banners in social network Face book serve as the first step of a marketing chain that only has one goal: the money bona fide visitors who want to lose weight quickly and easily. The catchy slogans include a diet secret of Hollywood, a super fruit that supposedly burns fat. Sounds a bit excessive, but we are interested.


Whimsical magazine reports on Acai Berry experiences

After clicking on the ad reveals a longer article on the two diet products Acai Berry Detox and Max. The review of a young editor reads like the dream of every obese. Order diet pills; take every day and after a month, at least 10 kg lost.

Official text of the test:

After the fourth week, my final results were shocking. I lost an incredible 14 kg since the start of the Acai Berry Detox and Max colon cleansing diet!
A click later we arrive at the shop side of both products and can now place an order. However, the trip is finished at this point to the land of fairy tales and it is time for the truth behind the whole facade, the banner on Face book about the Magazine Test from the manufacturer, put only one thing: cheating.

So audacious gamble from the backer’s unsuspecting customers

Let’s start with the Special Report by Helen Hasman in the Women’s Diet. The Beautiful reporter actually exists, but is in reality Lacee Griffith and works as a TV journalist in WBOC 16, an American news channel. Your image has been fishing for the purpose of advertising the site operators from the World Wide Web. In the background can be even more the symbol of the transmitter detect.

Fake Acai Berry experiences
But why should use such illegal methods the journal Women’s Diet? The reason is simple as it is surprising: because it itself does not exist, the magazine. The cover image is only an installation of the original of the journal Women’s Health and to give the appearance of a reputable portal.

More clear evidence of fraudulent activity:

What looks like a portal with various subjects is only a single page that spoofs diversified content. Try it out to another department call (for example, food, fitness or yoga). None of these links work, they are always routed to the order page of the online shop.
The central images of Jennifer Miller from Berlin who declined supposedly even greater at 17 kilograms by Acai Berry Max, come from a private sports blog and can be find now on hundreds websites on various miracle pills.
Of course, without exception exist positive comments below the article. Exciting here, as each of the 20 different writers despite perfect German has an English name. Cara, Dorothy, Jordan and Davis – all quite typical name, but not in Germany.
May seek the effort to contact possibilities you almost save. There is neither a statutory nor Contacts other evidence of the site operator. Even the registration data of the Internet address probably remain carefully hidden for good reason.

And what do Acai Berry Max and Max Detox yourself?

Unfortunately, the vertigo does not end with the plated advertising. The manufacturer itself joins effortlessly into the perfidious system and praises Acai Berry as a true miracle pill against fat. Certainly, the Acai berry is not unhealthy and contains high levels of antioxidants, but the Online Shop exaggerates wildly and offers:

Leaner legs
Tighter stomach and buttocks
No feeling of hunger
Burn fat without diet or exercise
Tangible evidence of these statements remain out, however. The email before and after photos of the customers come, unfortunately, in this case once again from other sources that we summed up easily with Google. Related names, opinions and results arise thus alone the imagination of product marketing.
The faces of celebrities (Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and David Hasselhoff) are also considered classic trick in sales. You can assume that none of the Stars has something to do could only begin with the product.

Well-known: The dubious manufacturers from the UK

Warning Nuropharm
Looking for a contact possibilities you come across the Acai Berry Max website other than the name Nuropharm Ltd. The company is us an old acquaintance in terms of diet scams and made already with Proactol and numerous other weight control products for major frustration among customers.

The UK regulator for advertising claims recorded to date a petition against the company due to misleading advertising and exaggerated promises without documents. Due to insufficient local law stayed from further legal action despite the obvious frauds.

Whoever insists on the 180-day money-back guarantee also experienced in most cases a disappointment. In addition to delayed delivery of high charges and the lack of action to reports of a rejection of any reimbursement increase.


Is there serious alternatives to Acai Berry?

The product range of diet pills remains huge, the results unfortunately disappointing. Those interested in a self-experiment obtained on Amazon at a far lower price caps a German provider with acceptable ingredients.

Secure offers for a colon cleansing diet:

Acai 8000 for 28,99 $
Colon Ex Colon Cleanser for $ 29.95
The experience here has been made completely different, ranging from an excellent effect to no visible effects or side effects. Those who want to slim down a few pounds in a short time, for example, for the holidays, engages for this reason directly to amapur or another formula diet, which at least ensures a certain degree of weight loss.
However, without a rethinking of their own nutrition and active movement sustainable slimming remains only a dream that one hundred percent is not fulfilled with Acai Berry.

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